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    2. ISS Rules for New Campbell Board Members

      ISS Rules for New Campbell Board Members
      Given the boards subpar oversight of critical issues such as MA and succession planning, shareholders may wonder whether the incumbent board is capable of steering Campbell back on track in a timely manner, says ISS in the ruling. Campbell returned about 19% to shareholders over the last two years, while the SP 500 has nearly tripled. At one point Loeb proposed replacing all 12 board members, but he backed off ...
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    1. It's befuddling because there are so many strengths associated with women in the workplace, on boards and on advisory councils.
      In On the Board: A New Way Forward for Women's Corporate Leadership
    2. The dialogue will get richer and deeper with women and men in the boardroom who have experience across different industries and backgrounds.
      In Honest Company Diversifies Its Leadership With A Second Female Board Member
    3. Training sessions are being conducted on a continuous basis for the students who are fit to become a part of the board. Besides, we are specially focusing on women and devoting one or two training session particularly for them as they have special need.
      In ICSI Training Women Members to Take Up Board Roles