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    1. We believe Apple has a bright future ahead, and the unprecedented size of our capital return program reflects that strong confidence.
      In Activist Investor Icahn Says Apple 'Still Undervalued'
    2. Let me think if there is another way for me to give a non-answer.
      In An Apple-Tesla Deal? Some Shareholders Wish
    3. Rest assured, we get it. We're action oriented and it will change.
      In An Apple-Tesla Deal? Some Shareholders Wish
    4. She [ Ahrendts] shares our values and our focus on innovation.
      In Move Over Tim Cook: Angela Ahrendts Earned $73.3 Million in 2014
    5. For too many of our friends and family, life has been cut short or the quality of their life is too often lacking.
      In Google’s Calico Could Pose a Conflict for Apple Chairman Arthur Levinson
    6. Tech analyst Rob Enderle checked off a laundry list of Cook's shortcomings compared to the strengths of his predecessor, Steve Jobs:
      In Just How Close Is Apple's Tim Cook to Being Fired?
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    1. Tim Cook is doing a good job with the business.
      Carl Icahn in Carl Icahn Just Fired A New Missile At Apple To Get It To Return More Cash To Shareholders (AAPL)
    2. It has been an extraordinary privilege to have served on the Apple board for 8 years, and I have the utmost respect for Tim Cook, his team at Apple, and for my fellow board members.
      In Disney CEO Bob Iger, Who Took Over Steve Jobs’ Seat, Resigns From Apple’s Board
    3. Fundamentally, Tim Cook is a global player, and fundamentally, ESPN is a domestic service.
      In Wall Street is Starting to Talk About the Possibility of Apple Buying Disney (DIS, Aapl)