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    2. Eight Corporate Jets: What Is This, the ‘80s?

      Eight Corporate Jets: What Is This, the ‘80s?
      The activist investors are on the tarmac at Emerson Electric Co. D.E. Shaw Group on Tuesday released a letter calling for the $42 billion industrial companyto spin off its climate division and make productivity and corporate-governance improvements, including culling its fleet of eight corporate jets and a helicopter. The public pressure follows reports late last month that D.E. Shaw was seeking a breakup of the company and Emersons ...
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    3. Trends in Shareholder Activism

      Trends in Shareholder Activism
      A brief glance at activism in 2018 shows that, after a brief dip in 2017, things are back on track. The number of companies publicly targeted hit record highs in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Australia, and the U.K. Non-U.S. targets made up a record haul of 47%, passing 400 for the first time. Prior to the end-of-year volatility, high valuations in U.S. markets and disruptive forces ...
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  2. Quotes about shareholder activism

    1. If you want to ignite a heated discussion, just bring up the topic of shareholder activism.
      In Activism at Public Companies Erodes Gender, Racial and Ethnic Diversity, but also Results in Younger, More Independent Boards
    2. We cannot increase the percentage of institutional investors overnight. But we can increase the level of shareholder activism by institutional investors.
      In SGX Urges Greater Shareholder Activism Against Errant Listed Companies
    3. As shareholder activism becomes increasingly global, it is important to understand the jurisdictional differences and various levels of activist exposure by country. This map provides a tool for understanding market and regulatory conditions that will affect activism levels and which activists may target a specific jurisdiction.
      In FTI Consulting’s Global Shareholder Activism Map Reveals Increased Shareholder Activism Around the Globe