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    1. A lot of activist investors see value with the restaurant stocks these days.
      In Panera Becomes Activist Fodder as Six-Year Rally Ends: Real M&A
    2. Our record of outstanding performance is compelling. If you invested with us at our IPO, ten years ago, five years ago, three years ago or even just a year ago, you have earned a return that exceeds the median return generated by other casual dining restaurant companies.
      In Buffalo Wild Wings: 'Our Board and Management Team are Under Attack'
    3. It's incredibly important to me that we create an excellent dining experience in all of our restaurants. That starts with having great restaurant teams. To that end, I will evolve our Restaurateur program to ensure that even more of our best employees succeed and thrive at the company.
      In Chipotle Co-CEO Steps Down as Chain Struggles to Recover From Sales Slump