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    2. Forest City Board Shake-Up Could Be a Harbinger for Other REITs

      Forest City Board Shake-Up Could Be a Harbinger for Other REITs
      After nine of 13 members of Forest City Realty Trust'sboard agreed to step down last month, investors turned their attention to other real-estate investment trusts that could face board pressure in the coming weeks. The problem: Shares of many REITs have been flagging for the past year, in part because of worries the property market is nearing a peak and partly because of higher interest rates, which make REITs ...
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    1. Related/Corvex's business plan for CommonWealth REIT (CWH) is reckless and not credible given track record of destroying shareholder value in publicly owned real estate companies.
      In CommonWealth fires back at dissident shareholders
    2. We are delighted to have Reid join our Board and believe his REIT and real estate background will be invaluable to us.
      In Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp. Appoints W. Reid Sanders to Board of Directors
    3. Greg joins TIER REIT at an exciting time and his depth of REIT experience will provide additional acumen to our board. His unique and independent perspective further strengthens the Company as we build on our success in creating value for stockholders.
      In Tier Reit Appoints Greg Whyte to Board of Directors