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    1. Related/Corvex's business plan for CommonWealth REIT (CWH) is reckless and not credible given track record of destroying shareholder value in publicly owned real estate companies.
      In CommonWealth fires back at dissident shareholders
    2. We are pleased to welcome Joe to the NYRT Board and are confident that his extensive financial background, executive leadership experience and real estate knowledge will be tremendous assets as we execute the plan of liquidation.
      In New York Reit Appoints Joe C. McKinney to Board Of Directors
    3. CBL has always enjoyed a strong seasoned Board comprised of established experts in finance, real estate, lending, law and other relevant disciplines and we are pleased to further enhance our Board with the addition of such a well-respected professional as John.
      In Cbl & Associates Properties Announces the Appointment of John Griffith to Its Board of Directors