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    1. Roxanne is a highly experienced leader who brings to Verizon several decades of audit, finance, operating and executive experience in a range of technology industries, as well as distinguished service as a director at a diverse group of public companies.
      In Roxanne S. Austin Elected to Verizon Board of Directors
    2. Like many U.S. public companies, we have made progress with ethnic diversity, but not as much as we would have liked, and are actively working on initiatives in this area, including at the board level.
      In REITs Remain Overwhelmingly White As Diversity Push Falls Short
    3. The SEC's misguided rules on buybacks allow executives and wealthy shareholders to extract undeserved cash from public companies. Given these results, it is clear to me that empowering workers—as envisioned in the Reward Work Act—would lead to better economic opportunities for many Americans.
      In Bill to Ban Stock Buybacks Introduced