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    2. A Lesson for Boardroom Battles

      A Lesson for Boardroom Battles
      Proxy access may be dead in the United States, but it lives in Israel, to the great regret ofTaro PharmaceuticalIndustries. Taro is facing a proxy battle involving two external directors nominated by the asset management firm BlueMountain Capital Management. While unfortunate for Taro, it all shows an alternative universe of what, for better or worse, could have happened had proxy access been in place in the United States...
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    1. It's almost impossible to set up a proxy advisory (firm) today
      In SEC round table discusses shift in who pays for proxy-voting services
    2. The proxy advisory firm must provide the recipient of the advice with disclosure that provides notice of the presence of a significant relationship or a material interest.
      SEC in Proxy Advisers Must Disclose Conflicts of Interest, SEC Says
    3. Any potential perceived misuse of executive perks will continue to raise the ire of shareholders and proxy advisory firms and provide for headline news.
      In CFO Perks Leveled off in 2014, But CEOs Received Big Increases