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    2. CEOs Issue a Weak Call for Stronger Corporate Governance | US News Opinion

      CEOs Issue a Weak Call for Stronger Corporate Governance | US News Opinion
      CEOs of financial services firms are deeply conflicted when it comes to corporate governance. On one hand, like most CEOs, they resist having anyone look over their shoulders. On the other hand, as sophisticated investors they know that effective and empowered boards usually elicit better financial performance. The tension leads to some strangely conflicted behavior....
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    1. Based upon the potential for a conflict of interest resulting from the Company's ownership of limited partnership interests in the Purchaser, the Independent Directors unanimously voted to recommend that the Board express no opinion and remain neutral with respect to the Offer.
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    2. The Company's share price performance has, in our opinion, been disastrous for shareholders.
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    3. They've been extremely open-minded, and have sought opinion extensively across the world.
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