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    1. We believe litigation to be necessary to prevent the chill of proxy advisers' protected speech and to ensure the timeliness and independence of the advice that shareholders rely on to make decisions with regards to the governance of their publicly traded portfolio companies.
      In Proxy Adviser ISS Sues U.S. Markets Regulator Over Guidance Aimed at Curbing Advice
    2. Our intention has been to create a board that reflects the expansive and transformative nature of the Covetrus opportunity, and we believe that this slate of nominees achieves that in terms of caliber, diversity, independence and other qualities.
      In Henry Schein and Vets First Choice Announce Board of Directors for Covetrus
    3. It is unclear that the board as currently comprised has the independence to effectively oversee you as chief executive officer.
      In Social Ties Bind CEO, Directors at Victoria's Secret Parent