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    2. Week Ahead: Ballots, Battles, Boardroom Blues?

      Week Ahead: Ballots, Battles, Boardroom Blues?
      As corporate earnings season nears an end for this quarter, a few shareholder battles are about to begin. On Tuesday: BP. The oil giant is expected to face demands at a meeting to set tougher targets on climate change ... From activists and investors. It's backed a resolution to be more transparent and link executive pay to reducing emissions from its own operations .... To keep to goals set by the ...
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    1. Our license to operate depends on us having strong environmental policies, making sure our people go home safe every day, paying attention to human rights and just general corporate social-responsibility issues.
      In Business Risk from Climate Change Now Top of Mind For Canada's Corporate Boards
    2. Chevron appreciates Azzad's constructive engagement and commends them for recognizing our actions related to human rights.
      In Exclusive: Chevron, Investor Reach Deal on Myanmar Shareholder Resolution
    3. The human rights angle is one of the main ways they get people to follow [BDS].
      In BDS Fight Moves From Campus to Corporate Boardrooms — and Stakes Rise