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    1. The compensation, nominating and governance committee and the board believe a mix of longer tenured directors and new directors with fresh perspectives contributes to an effective board.
      In Aging Board Members Stick Around Longer Than Ever in S&P 500
    2. Capstone's Nominating and Governance Committee conducted an extensive search for an executive who would further strengthen our board's breadth of talent and experience, and is pleased to have identified such a highly qualified professional, who will bring a wealth of financial expertise with her to Capstone.
      In Capstone Announces the Election of Yon Yoon Jorden to its Board of Directors
    3. We are excited to welcome Diane Brink to Belden's Board of Directors and the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. Her deep understanding of how to leverage technology for value creation and her impressive experience in effectively managing market transitions will provide enormous value to Belden.
      In Belden Appoints Diane Brink to Board of Directors