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    2. How Boards Can Reduce Corporate Misbehavior

      How Boards Can Reduce Corporate Misbehavior
      One defining feature of 2017 has been seeing corporate directors and officers being held personally responsible for illegal behavior at their companies. For example, after Wells Fargo Bank paid more than $300 million in penalties for creating over 3 million sham customer accounts,Judge Jon Tigarof the U.S. District Court in San Francisco refused to dismiss claims against the fifteen members of the Wells Fargo board. And Oliver Schmidt ...
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    1. The best case is that you will sour your relationship, and in the worst case, you'll get bankers committing fraud.
      In Wells Fargo Account Scandal Extends to Small Business: US Senator
    2. This research confirms that the battle against fraud is not only intensifying, but is now a top-level concern.
      In Financial Leaders Identify Six Key Areas Where CFOs Fail to Deliver for the Board of Directors
    3. We engaged with directors of a U.S. financial company that was fined for fraud, expressing our concerns about the board's responsibility in preventing and responding to the matter.
      In Is Vanguard 'woke?' It speaks out on Wells Fargo, climate-risk Analysis, Gender Diversity