1. Federal Reserve

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    1. I write to urge you not to remove the growth cap the Federal Reserve has imposed on Wells Fargo until the company's Board of Directors replaces CEO Tim Sloan with someone who is not deeply implicated in the bank's repeated and egregious misconduct.
      In Elizabeth Warren to Fed: Wells Fargo CEO Must Go
    2. There needs to be an extended period — measured in months — without any new controversies at the bank before the Federal Reserve is likely to consider lifting the cap.
      In Wells Fargo Altered Documents About Business Clients
    3. I urge you to exercise your legal authority to remove the holdover Wells Fargo Board members. Federal Reserve regulations and guidance impose clear risk-management obligations on the Board — obligations that are quite demanding for a bank as large and complex as Wells Fargo.
      In 'The Federal Reserve has Done Nothing': Elizabeth Warren Urges the Fed to Clean House at Wells Fargo