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    2. Can California’s New Boardroom Diversity Law Withstand Courtroom Backlash?

      Can California’s New Boardroom Diversity Law Withstand Courtroom Backlash?
      When Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a measure that made California the first state to require public companies to add women to their boards of directors, he professed himself undeterred by its potentially fatal legal flaws. Its high time corporate boards include the people who constitute more than half the persons in America, he wrote in a Sept. 30 signing statement about Senate Bill 826...
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    1. I was worried that we had very few women in a high-potential program; when I reviewed the list of criteria to enter the program, it appeared to be extremely gendered.
      In MBA Women In Business Clubs Are Bringing Women Into The Boardroom
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    1. I'm proud to have built a consumer-centric brand with a leadership team driven by diversity in thought.
      In Honest Company Diversifies Its Leadership With A Second Female Board Member
    2. Ethnicity, for example, may be a relevant diversity consideration, as would be board tenure, range of business experience, gender and educational and occupational diversity.
      In Stock takes: Happy hookup
    3. I am pleased with the new additions to the Capital City Bank Group Board of Directors. We value diversity of talent, knowledge and experience for the essential interplay of ideas and perspectives it brings to the table.
      In Capital City Bank Group Names Stanley Connally Jr., Eric Grant and Laura Johnson to Board of Directors