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    2. How to Be a Good Board Chair

      How to Be a Good Board Chair
      Most board chairs are experienced leaders. Half the chairs of the SP 500 double as their companies chief executives, and the vast majority of the rest are former CEOs. But the close association of the two positions creates problems. Its difficult for a board led by the CEO to serve as a check on that CEOwhich is precisely why, after the corporate scandals of the 1990s and early 2000s, more ...
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    1. Whoever takes over as board chair must be tough as nails to stand up to Elon and not back down.
      In What Tesla Needs From Its New Chairman: Specialized Knowledge And The Chutzpah To Stand Up To Musk
    2. I am honored to assume the role as board chair. Central Logic is a company with limitless potential uniquely positioned to respond to today's healthcare challenges.
      In Jennifer Holmes, Central Logic President & CEO, Named Company's Board Chair
    3. We are pleased to welcome Chad to our board and look forward to Andrew's continued involvement as our Board chair.
      In Piper Jaffray Elects Chad Abraham to Board of Directors