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    1. Icahn Values Apple at More than $1 Trillion

      Icahn Values Apple at More than $1 Trillion

      Activist investor and major Apple Inc shareholder Carl Icahn said the iPhone maker’s stock should be trading at $216, far above its record high of $124.92 hit on Wednesday. At $216 per share, Apple – already the world’s most valuable company – would be worth about $1.3 trillion, or about the size of South Korea’s gross domestic product. The company is valued at just over $700 billion currently ...

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    2. CEO Says No Gender Pay Gap at Microsoft

      CEO Says No Gender Pay Gap at Microsoft

      SAN FRANCISCO: Satya Nadella, the Microsoft Corp Chief Executive who ignited a firestorm of protest earlier this month by suggesting women should not ask for pay raises, said on Monday that men and women are paid equally at his company. Nadella’s statement, made at a presentation on cloud computing in San Francisco, runs counter to some limited data made public by employees, but is unverifiable ...

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