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    1. Audit committee composition

      Audit committee composition

      As audit committees struggle to manage their evolving responsibilities in the shadow of the overarching issue of risk and its management, they are reassessing the skills and experience needed by the committee, and boards are adjusting their strategies for recruitment. Several themes emerged from the discussion in Rome:

      Financial expertise remains fundamental: An increase in responsibilities for most audit committees has not reduced the need for financial expertise, which remains a core requirement. On boards that lack finance committees, a focus on both the risks...

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    2. Enhancing audit committee reporting

      Enhancing audit committee reporting

      Audit committee chairs believe there is an incomplete understanding of how audit committees actually operate, based on discussions with policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic. Current reporting practices vary significantly from company to company. Could enhanced reporting from the audit committee become a vehicle for communicating more effectively about the work of the committee with policymakers and shareholders?

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    3. Enhancing audit committee report: a call to action

      Enhancing audit committee report: a call to action

      In collaboration with a number of nationally recognized governance organizations dedicated to enhancing audit committee performance, Tapestry Networks provides a report that encourages increased audit committee transparency. The “Call to Action” takes a practical approach to enhanced audit committee disclosures. It includes examples of emerging voluntary practices and cites studies that examine recent practice trends. 

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    4. Dialogue with institutional investors about audit policy

      Dialogue with institutional investors about audit policy

      After three successful editions, The Decision Institute and Intrabond Capital will organize the 4th yearly executive seminar ‘Maximize Your Board’s Potential’ at the Harvard Faculty Club, Cambridge, MA from October 6-9, 2014. Discover how to
      provide governance support for effective boards and how to challenge the diffusion of power, governance and company performance. Please see our brochure and apply.

      Maximize Your Board’s Potential is like playing the ‘Champions League’ in the field of corporate governance. This means much practice, knowledge, skill and inspiration by a very inspirational and professional group.” – Executive Vice President ABN AMRO Bank NV

      Key ...

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    5. Audit firm retendering and rotation

      Audit firm retendering and rotation

      Despite the intensive regulatory focus on how mandatory firm rotation could improve audit quality, there has been a lack of clarity on how this will be adopted by companies. With new requirements to rotate the audit firm spreading across Europe, audit chairs of European companies and leading experts and academics from Italy met to discuss emerging best practice around retendering the audit and managing the transition from the outgoing audit firm to the incoming firm.

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    6. Dalogue with PCAOB board member Jeanette Franzel

      Dalogue with PCAOB board member Jeanette Franzel

      Outreach to audit committees is a key priority for the PCAOB. PCAOB board member Jeanette Franzel met with audit chairs to discuss the PCAOB’s agenda. Ms. Franzel noted that enhanced auditor reporting is one element of a holistic approach to transparency that might also include an enhanced audit committee report. She underscored the value of better audit quality indicators and offered insights into the PCAOB inspection process. 

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    7. A Changed and Changing Executive Compensation Environment

      A Changed and Changing Executive Compensation Environment

      Compensation committee leaders identified several trends affecting their committees' work for the next few years, including broader and more frequent engagement with investors and a focus on improving public disclosures on compensation. Members also discussed changes to proxy advisory firm policy and how boards should engage with advisors. Jonathan Feigelson, TIAA-CREF managing director, general counsel, and head of governance, joined the dialogue.

      A Changed and Changing Executive Compensation Environment 


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    8. Audit Committees Discuss Audit Policy with European Parliamentarians

      Audit Committees Discuss Audit Policy with European Parliamentarians

      On September 18, 2012, members of the European Audit Committee Leadership Network (EACLN) and Bank Governance Leadership Network (BGLN), who are audit committee chairs or members drawn from leading global public companies, met with members of the European Parliament (MEPS) and their staff in Brussels to discuss recent developments in audit policy. - See more at: http://www.tapestrynetworks.com/issues/corporate-governance/Audit-policy.cfm#sthash.8YTXDrje.dpuf

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