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    1. Question of The Week

      Question of The Week

      Glass Lewis just announced it is opposing Liberty Global's $123M pay package for CEO Mike Fries -- noting that it is 4X the average compensation received by other executive officers.  However, despite Glass Lewis' comment that such pay inequity may be an indicator of "serious long-term" problems with company's board-level management and oversight, the proxy advisory firm is only voting against one director for compensation policy concerns.  Shouldn't this scrutiny fall upon all of the board members (regardless of whether or not they serve on the Compensation Committee)?

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    2. Question of the Week

      Question of the Week

      Facebook announced this week that pursuant to its settlement with federal regulators after the Cambridge Analytica scandal that it has formally created a Privacy Committee of the Board of Directors.  The Committee is charged with responsibility for overseeing risks related to privacy and data use, including management's periodic assessment of Facebook's Privacy Program and any related policies with respect to risk assessment and risk management.  Given the continued cybersecurity risks faced by almost all corporations, should every Board of Directors have a standing Privacy Committee?

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    3. Question of the Week

      Question of the Week

      Warren Buffett made news at Berkshire Hathaway's Annual Meeting this past week when he rejected a shareholder proposal from the New York City Comptroller's Office which would require the company to have women and people of color in any external search for directors and CEOs at its companies.  Buffett supported the concept of increased diversity on boards and in the c-suite, but stated he did not believe it should be mandated as part of the search process.  Do you agree with Buffett considering this measure would not have required a "quota" in terms of actual diversity appointments, but ...

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    4. qotw May 1

      qotw May 1

      At Boeing's Annual Meeting this past week, 52% of the company's shareholders cast a non-binding vote to permanently split the role of Chairman and CEO.  Boeing's board has warned that such a measure would "impose irrevocable limits on the board's future flexibility."  Should the board adhere to the sentiment of the majority of shareholders and permanently split the Chairman and CEO roles?

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