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    Objecting to new CEO, resignations sweep Mozilla board: Report Symantec fires CEO Steve Bennett Snapchat CEO "Devastated" By Email Leak in Sony Hack Activist Investor Icahn Says Apple 'Still Undervalued' Like it or Not, Europe's Quota System Puts Women on Boards NACD Pacific Southwest Chapter Announces Board Appointments and Upcoming 2019 Corporate Directors Symposium Vanessa Benavides of Kaiser Permanente Joins CDC Foundation Board of Directors AEP Names Garcia to Board of Directors BioTheryX, Inc. Announces the Appointment of Biopharma Veteran Jeffrey L. Edwards to Board of Directors Rocky Mountain Institute CEO Jules Kortenhorst Joins Solidia Technologies Board of Directors Corcept Therapeutics Appoints Kimberly Park to Board of Directors Elizabeth Nelson Appointed to Berkeley Lights Board of Directors