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    Apple Faces Shareholder Ballot To Consider Political Diversity For Board Members Stanley Black & Decker Elects Irving Tan To Its Board Of Directors Kimberly-Clark CEO Michael Hsu to Join TI Board of Directors Sprouts Farmers Market Adds Doug Rauch to Its Board of Directors The Hartford Appoints Matt Winter To Its Board Of Directors ZoomInfo Names Smartsheet CEO Mark Mader and RingCentral CFO Mitesh Dhruv to Board of Directors as Independent Technology Leaders Endo Appoints Mark G. Barberio to Board of Directors Overstock Announces Changes to its Board of Directors William C. Cobb Appointed to Deluxe Corporation Board of Directors The Cheesecake Factory Appoints Janice Meyer to Board of Directors Diane Greene Joins the Wix Board of Directors Mohawk Group Appoints Bari Harlam to Its Board of Directors