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    Why Companies Need To Advocate For Their Female Executives To Join Boards NEXGEL, Inc. Announces the Appointment of Dr. Jerome Zeldis to Its Board of Directors Garrett Motion (GTX) Announces Jerome Stoll to Board Bright Mountain Media Appoints Respected Accounting and Digital Media Executives to Board of Directors Microbot Medical Appoints Aileen Stockburger to the Board of Directors Harpoon Therapeutics Appoints Two New Members to Its Board of Directors Equitrans Midstream Corporation Appoints New Director T-Mobile Completes Merger with Sprint to Create the New T-Mobile Universal Technical Institute (UTI) Announces George Brochick to Board, Following Departure of Roger Penske Zedge Announces New Appointment To Board Of Directors Sandie O’Connor Joins Terex Corporation Board Of Directors Xerox Ends its Hostile Takeover Bid for HP