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    Mary C. Boyce, Dean of Engineering at Columbia University, Joins Altair Board BlackBerry Reports Board of Directors Election Results King & Union Appoints Suzanne Spaulding as Board Advisor The Owner of MoviePass Plunges After Proposing a Reverse-Stock Split to Avoid Being Kicked Out Of The Nasdaq Disney Boosts its Offer for 21st Century Fox Assets to $71. 3 Billion BrainChip Appoints Julie H. Stein as Lead Independent Director Mellanox, Starboard Select Directors to Join Board Stericycle (SRCL) Appoints Veronica Hagen and Kay Priestly to Board of Directors BREAKING NEWS:  Activist Carl Icahn Gains Control of Board in Proxy Fight at SandRidge Energy BIOLASE Appoints Todd A. Norbe and Jess Roper to Board of Directors CACI Appoints Debora A. Plunkett to Board of Directors McKesson CEO Takes 10% Pay Cut as Company Faces Opioid Lawsuit