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    Mary C. Boyce, Dean of Engineering at Columbia University, Joins Altair Board Powerful Facebook Investors Just Co-Filed a Proposal to Take Down Mark Zuckerberg as Chairman Tesla Says Elon Musk Plans to Buy $20 Million Worth of Stock as Soon as Possible Fujifilm Wins Appeal in Legal Battle with Xerox Over Aborted $6.1B Deal Golder Appoints Denise K. Fletcher to Board Australia’s Most Obscene Salaries Activist Investor Tries To Force Change At Oil Companies As MoviePass Investors Rage Against Management, its Parent Company has Delayed a Crucial Shareholders Meeting Dell Technologies: Maintains Plans To Go Public Despite Icahn Opposition Activist Investor Icahn Takes Stake in Dollar Tree World's Most Admired Companies Tesla Surges After Judge Approves Elon Musk's Settlement with SEC