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    Pricing Problem Suspends NASDAQ for Three Hours Hercules Technology Growth (HTGC) Appoints Carol L. Foster to Boar Cracker Barrel (CBRL) Announces Carl Berquist to Board Thomas F. Motamed Elected to AIG Board of Directors Broadcom Inc. Appoints Diane M. Bryant to its Board of Directors Paul Walsh Elected to McDonald's Board of Directors Sears Avoids Liquidation as Eddie Lampert Wins Bankruptcy Auction A $57 Million Pay Dispute Sees Andrea Orcel get Dumped as New Santander CEO Before Even Getting Started Shutdown Ties Companies’ Hands on Unwanted Shareholder Proposals Going Public? For Uber, Lyft and Others, Shutdown Slows IPOs Chairman Leaves JAB Without a Rose Women Are Transforming The Ski Industry On The Slopes And In The Boardroom