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    4 Types of Experts that Leaders Must Have on their Boards in 2017 Ophthotech Corp (OPHT) Elects Jane Pritchett Henderson to Board Singapore's Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies to be Revised D-BOX Technologies Inc. Announces the Appointment of Jean-René Halde as Chairman of the Board of Directors SailPoint Announces Industry Veteran Michael J. Sullivan Has Joined Board of Directors and ... Susan K. Nestegard Named to ALLETE Board of Directors Current Operating Partner at Bain Capital Ventures, Jeff Williams Joins ObserveIT Board of Directors GKN Faces Pressure from Activist Fund Elliott to Engage With Melrose Why Amber Tamblyn's Plea To Disney To Add Women Of Color To Their Board Is Crucial Citi to Raise Pay for Women and Minorities in U.S., UK, Germany Amber Tamblyn Demands Disney Add Women Of Color To Board of Directors Here's Where Things Went Wrong for Procter & Gamble in 2017