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    4 Types of Experts that Leaders Must Have on their Boards in 2017 Pension Fund CalSTRS Opposes Tesla's Compensation Package for Musk A Facebook Shareholder Launched a Lawsuit Against the Social Network over the Cambridge Analytica Scandal Spotify's CEO Daniel Ek Can Sell Shares Worth as Much as $2 Billion in the Company's IPO Nordstrom Ends Buyout Talks With Founding Family BMC Stock Holdings, Inc. Appoints Cory J. Boydston to its Board of Directors Cambridge Analytica Board Suspends CEO, Pending Probe into Misuse of Facebook User Data New York Fed Director Helping to Oversee Leadership Search Steps Down Verizon Retiree-Shareholders Seek to Curb Above Market Executive Pay, Punish Misconduct The Weinstein Company Files for Bankruptcy SandRidge Rejects Midstates Offer; to Explore Strategic Options Facebook’s Stock Structure Gives Mark Zuckerberg a Blank Check — Investors Were OK with that, But the World Can’t Afford to Be