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Still few women on boards
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Towards Board Declassification at 100 S&P and Fortune 500 Companies

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Posted by Lucian Bebchuk, Scott Hirst and June Rhee, Shareholder Rights Project, on Tuesday December 10, 2013 at 9:16 am * Print * email * Twitter Tags: Classified boards, Florida SBA, Illinois State Board of Investment, Institutional Investors, June Rhee, Lucian Bebchuk, Nathan Cummings Foundation, North Carolina State Treasurer, Ohio Public Employees Retirement System, Precatory proposals, Scott Hirst, Shareholder proposals, Shareholder Rights Project, Staggered boards Editor’s Note: Lucian Bebchuk is the Director of the Shareholder Rights Project (SRP), Scott Hirst is the SRP’s Associate Director, and June Rhee is the SRP’s Counsel. The SRP, a clinical program operating at ...

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