1. Carl Icahn: Family Dollar Board too Loyal to CEO

    Carl Icahn: Family Dollar Board too Loyal to CEO

    Activist investor Carl Icahn stepped up his attack on Family Dollar's board of directors Tuesday, while the board evaluates a $9.7 billion bid from Dollar General that threatens to upset the Matthews-based Family Dollar's planned acquisition by another ...

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    1. Could the fact that Family Dollar's CEO, Howard Levine, has a future role in a Dollar Tree/Family Dollar merger have anything to do with it?
    2. Listen, (Levine's) father started the company, and he thinks it's his.
    3. It annoys me that they're using me now as sort of an excuse for them not doing something with Dollar General a long time ago.
    4. Shareholder value is important, but that comes in many different flavors.
    5. The key is to get the highest possible value for the shareholders.
    6. In the end, it really can't factor in.
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