1. Sysco Welcomes Tom Bené as Chairman of Board of Directors

    Sysco Welcomes Tom Bené as Chairman of Board of Directors

    This weekend, Sysco announced that Tom Bené, Sysco's current President and CEO, has been elected Chairman of the Board . Effective November 16 ...

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    1. I am honored to be chosen to serve as Chairman of Sysco's board and, on behalf of the Board of Directors and everyone at Sysco, I would like to thank and recognize Jackie for her many years of leadership and contributions to Sysco.
    2. It has been a privilege to help contribute to Sysco's significant growth alongside our talented associates, management team and fellow directors, as we strengthened the company's position as the global foodservice leader.
    3. After careful deliberation, and taking into account his record of success to date in driving Sysco to achieve its strategic objectives, the board determined that naming Tom to succeed Jackie as chairman was in the best interest of the company and its shareholders.
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