1. Loeb Presses Nestle to Fix Strategy, Sell L’Oreal Stake

    Loeb Presses Nestle to Fix Strategy, Sell L’Oreal Stake

    NEW YORK: One year after buying a stake in Nestle SA and watching his holding lose value, activist investor Dan Loeb is running out of patience. Loeb fired off a 34-page presentation over the weekend, demanding a far more radical transformation than the world’s largest food company has so far embraced...

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    1. We do not believe that the company is living up to this mandate today with its muddled strategic approach and we are concerned that Nestle does not fully appreciate the rapidly occurring shifts in consumer behaviour that threaten its future.
    2. There are too many examples of missed opportunities to claim that Nestle's organization is well‐suited to today's markets.
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