1. Activist Investor Nominates Six Executives to Supervalu's Board

    Activist Investor Nominates Six Executives to Supervalu's Board

    The activist investor seeking strategic changes at Supervalu Inc. on Tuesday nominated six outside directors to be voted on by shareholders at the company’s annual meeting. The move by Blackwells Capital LLC is the most aggressive yet since it revealed last fall that it had taken a sizable stake in the Eden Prairie-based grocery wholesaler and retailer, whose chains include Cub Foods, market leader in the Twin Cities...

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    1. Supervalu is one of the most cheaply valued of all consumer staples public companies despite significant, tangible advantages, especially in relation to its direct competitors.
    2. Supervalu's board and management team continue to rapidly execute our transformation strategy, which is well underway and includes the recent sale and lease-back of eight distribution centers, and the exit of our Farm Fresh banner, among other significant milestones. We remain confident in our transformation strategy and approach.
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