1. From Disney to Dior, Norway Wealth Fund Challenges CEO Pay

    From Disney to Dior, Norway Wealth Fund Challenges CEO Pay

    OSLO (Reuters) - Executive pay is firmly in the crosshairs of Norway's $1 trillion (727 billion pound) sovereign wealth fund as it puts its votes to work at some of the more than 9,000 companies it is invested in. The world's biggest sovereign wealth fund, built on Norway's oil revenues, has become a more active shareholder in recent years and since 2017 has called for changes including the scrapping of long-term incentive plans and simpler and more transparent packages...

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    1. It is the transparency and that is quite often linked to the simplicity.
    2. The Weir Group has led by example to a different degree than others and were very clear in the way they were doing it. We wanted to highlight them.
    3. Any changes to the global supply chain, or tariffs that will hit the global supply chain, will of course be quite important for this fund ... Any action that reduces world growth will usually affect earnings and will affect pricing of the companies we are invested in.
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