1. Clariant CEO Says SABIC Deal Beats Huntsman Merger

    Clariant CEO Says SABIC Deal Beats Huntsman Merger

    February 10, 2018 / 3:38 PM / in 9 minutes Clariant CEO says SABIC deal beats Huntsman merger - newspaper Reuters Staff 3 Min Read ZURICH, Feb 10 (Reuters) - Saudi Basic Industries Corp’s (SABIC) move to buy a quarter stake in Clariant is better than the planned merger with U.S.-based Huntsman that was blocked last year by activist investors, the Swiss chemical maker’s CEO said...

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    1. The activist investor was the catalyst for the merger's cancellation, but there were a whole series of other reasons why it did not succeed.
    2. I can't exclude the possibility, because I'm not SABIC.
    3. Clariant would have been dead and wouldn't have survived five more years.
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