1. Ten Key Questions to Ask Before Joining a Board

    Ten Key Questions to Ask Before Joining a Board

    So you’ve been invited to join a board of directors, now what?

    In a recent article, Goodwin Procter’s Carl Metzger and Brian Mukherjee outlined the key considerations to evaluate before taking up the offer to join a company’s board.

    Considerations include:

    1. Is the company financially troubled?
    2. Do I understand how the company operates?
    3. Has the board or the company attracted litigation, investigations or other claims?
    4. What are the company’s prospects?
    5. What is the ‘tone at the top’ of the company?
    6. Is the board provided with adequate information and resources?
    7. Is the company committed to compliance?
    8. What level of indemnification is available from the company?
    9. What directors’ and officers’ insurance coverage is available to me?
    10. Is this board opportunity a good match for me?

    To read their complete advice about joining a board, read the full article here. 

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