1. Playing the Board Game: Tips for Networking Onto a Corporate Board

    Playing the Board Game: Tips for Networking Onto a Corporate Board

    Legal experience alone is unfortunately not high on the list of skill sets companies are looking for to fill an open board seat. But lawyers tend to have a knack for one of the key skills necessary to join a corporate board: networking. As Sheila Ronning, CEO and founder of Women in the Boardroom explains, “Lawyers do have skill sets that are useful to boards ...

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    1. You need to network with connectors and influencers.
    2. When interacting with those in Group 1, it is perfectly acceptable and appropriate to tell them directly that you are interested in board service.
    3. LinkedIn is probably the best tool.
    4. When you have extra tickets to an event, offer them to someone you think would be interested. When you are planning to host or attend an event, take a look at your spreadsheet to think about who might be interested. People love being thought of and invited.
    5. A shared alma mater or hobby can be a great talking point when reaching out to a contact. When you keep people's interests in mind, they will find the interaction more enjoyable.
    6. It is not helpful to simply forward an article. Copy and paste the relevant section, or write a few lines describing what you think the person will find interesting. Otherwise, you are just adding a to-do list item for the person.
    7. If you commit to the process and put in the time, this will work.
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