1. Hilti Korea's Human-Resources Focus Pays Off

    Hilti Korea's Human-Resources Focus Pays Off

    Hilti's horizontal corporate structure, which promotes communication and initiative among employees, also helped the company gain the Aon Hewitt recognition. Hilti has adopted its parent company's corporate culture and core values — "integrity, courage, teamwork and commitment" ...

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    1. We call it the red marketing — the red tool box and the red car.
    2. One of the main reasons it was voted so high is that Hilti Korea shifted to putting people first, in accordance with the Liechtenstein-based group's core values.
    3. Hilti products are familiar to the Korean construction workers who worked on construction sites in the Middle East in the late 1970s.
    4. Our products' value allows users to finish tasks early, which means lower labor costs; our tools last long and do not break down or malfunction often, which means that overall labor and personnel costs will likely be lower also.
    5. As a leader, Icannot do everything.
    6. The competition is always tough, but we have our specialties.
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