1. More Women on Boards: What Will it Take?

    More Women on Boards: What Will it Take?

    A P.E.I. group wants to find out what's stopping Island women from joining boards and advisory councils. PEI Coaliton for Women in Government says financial barriers keep women out of office P.E.I. Coalition for Women in Government says there's more work ahead The P.E.I. Coalition for Women in Government has embarked on a three-year project it's calling Equity in Government, and the first step is asking all Islanders to participate in an online survey to find out their thoughts.....

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    1. There's overwhelming research that shows that increased diversity in decision-making bodies leads to better results for the organization.
    2. Some of these things are things we already know about traditional gender roles and women — we know that women still perform two-thirds of the child care, home care.
    3. What we heard from the very beginning from women who'd been candidates was that board participation played an important role on their road to political leadership.